Voyage Healthcare's Low Cesarean Rate & Benefits of Vaginal Birth

Nov 1, 2019 8:16:49 AM / by Jacinda Siberio, M.D. posted in Women's Health, Voyage Healthcare News

Voyage Healthcare is proud to have the lowest cesarean rate compared to all the other obstetric groups that deliver at Maple Grove Hospital. The overall rate of Cesarean delivery in the United States is 32%. Voyage Healthcare has a cesarean rate of 24.7%. That is 7.3% better than the national average. Our all-female OBGYN
Physicians want our patients to have the safest delivery for both mom and baby.

Dr Jacinda Siberio

Benefits of Vaginal Birth

The rate of cesarean deliveries is on the rise. This is due to a number of reasons including increasing medical complexity of pregnant women, concern for law suits related to poor birth outcomes, convenience, and reimbursement. It has long been known that vaginal delivery is preferred to cesarean unless medically necessary, but why?

Vaginal birth is good for your baby’s respiratory system. The passage through the birth canal puts pressure on the baby’s chest, which helps to expel amniotic fluid from your baby’s lungs.  As the fluid leaves, it creates more space for air, preparing your baby’s lungs to breathe effectively.

Vaginal birth initiates a beneficial release of hormones. The process of labor and vaginal birth involves a unique interplay of hormones. Oxytocin, beta-endorphins, epinephrine, and prolactin all work together to prepare you and your baby for the next stage of life.

For example, prolactin is a major hormone in the creation of breast milk. Prolactin release increases steeply as vaginal birth nears, aiding milk production and contributing to breastfeeding success.

Vaginal birth offers mom the best chance for a smooth postpartum period. Vaginal birth typically offers the quickest recovery and the shortest hospital stays. Most moms are able to stand up, walk, and care for themselves without any help within just a few hours of giving birth. The average hospital stay for a vaginal delivery is 1-2 days shorter than for a c-section.

Vaginal birth has a lower risk for complications for mom. Women who give birth vaginally experience less risk of serious complications. This includes a lower risk of infections, blood clots, blood loss requiring transfusion, and surgical injuries. While c-section is common and generally safe, it is still a major surgery which carries risk for complications.

Vaginal birth helps to make future pregnancies healthier. Vaginal birth gives moms who want more children improved chances of placental health, and a strong uterus in future pregnancies. Each additional c-section increases the risk for complications in the next pregnancy.

Consider Voyage Healthcare when selecting an obstetrician for your pregnancy.

Jacinda Siberio, M.D.

Written by Jacinda Siberio, M.D.

Dr. Siberio specializes in Obstetrics & Gynecology. She works at the Center for Women's Health, Crystal, and Maple Grove locations. Dr. Siberio enjoys traveling, running, cheering on the South Carolina Gamecocks, and enjoying time with friends and family.


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