Having a chronic condition requires an ongoing relationship between an individual and their healthcare team. Here at Voyage Healthcare, our goal is to be proactive and focus on keeping a person as healthy as possible. We take chronic illnesses seriously and know that for patients to succeed in managing their disease they need basic tools for success. This includes disease information, skill-building tools, and ongoing support from their healthcare team, family, friends and community.

Voyage Healthcare's Diabetes Nurse Educator

Our dedicated and caring diabetes nurse educator is available to support all of your diabetes needs. She provides patient consultations which include basic review of your:

  • disease state
  • healthy lifestyle activities
  • exercise
  • meal planning
  • blood sugar monitoring

Further help is available for ongoing care and assistance with medication management, insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitoring. Our educator will help you master tools you can use to make important lifestyle changes.

Diabetic Services providers are staffed at the following offices:

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