Meet your provider from home

Virtual Voyage Visits

Health Begins Here. Voyage Healthcare now makes it easy to meet face-to-face with a provider through a video chat without leaving your own home. 

I am a new patient, can I schedule a Virtual Voyage Visit?

Yes, we see both new and established patients.

How old does someone need to be for a Virtual Voyage Visit?

We see all patients over 3 months of age.

When are Virtual Voyage Visits available?

Virtual Voyage Visits take place during standard clinic hours; Monday - Friday, 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM.

How is my Virtual Voyage Visit billed?

A Virtual Voyage Visit is billed to your insurance company in the same was as a normal office visit is billed.

How do I schedule a Virtual Voyage Visit?

We now offer online scheduling for Virtual Voyage Visits! You may also call us at 763-587-7999 to schedule your appointment.

Do I need anything for my Virtual Voyage Visit?

Please activate your Voyage Healthcare SmartChart patient portal prior to the visit. Virtual Voyage Visits can be performed on any computer, iPad or smart phone with a camera and speaker. If you have problems logging into your SmartChart patient portal, please call the portal helpline at 763-587-7999, Option 6.

Annual Wellness Visit
Chronic Condition Follow-Up
Cough, Cold, or Flu
Diabetic Check
Ear Infection & Pain
Age 5 and older
Eye Pain, Eye Bump, or Irritation
Heartburn or Acid Reflux 

Medication Checks
Mental Health
Migraine or Headache
Mouth & Cold Sore
OB Care

Pregnancy Confirmation 
16-Week OB Visit
Initial Postpartum at 2 weeks

Rashes and Other Skin Conditions

Rheumatologic Visits

Sexually Transmitted Infection Exposure 
Sinus Pain or Pressure
Sore Throat
Women's Health
Birth Control
Infertility Consult
Yeast Infection

Anything that Requires a Hands-On Exam
Anything that Requires a Lab Test or X-Ray
Cancer or Other Complicated Conditions
Emergency Care
International Visits

Patients Younger than 3 Months of Age
Sprains/Broken Bones or Injuries Requiring Bandaging
Well Child Checks

Ready to schedule a Virtual Voyage Visit? Below are the steps needed to set up and participate in your visit. 

How to Participate in a Virtual Voyage Visit

For more detailed instructions, click here.