The Best Women's Health Centers Have These 5 Features

Jan 10, 2018 9:39:19 AM / by Voyage Healthcare Team posted in Women's Health

If you’re currently looking for a women’s health clinic, you need a provider who will take exceptional care of you. But in addition to finding a provider in your network, what you should look for?

Here are 5 things that the best women’s health centers share.


5 Features of the Best Women’s Health Centers

1. Holistic Care for Every Age and Stage

You need a women’s health center that can meet your changing needs at every age and stage of life, from contraception and fertility to pregnancy to menopause and beyond.

Does your clinic offer digital mammograms? Mammogram screening is recommended for all women every 1-2 years starting at age 40-50 years. Your primary care provider may recommend a mammogram sooner or more frequently if you have significant breast symptoms or if you are at high risk for breast cancer.

What about bone density scans? Bone density scans are recommended for all women over 65. If you are under 60, your provider may also recommend a bone density scan if you are postmenopausal and have more than one of the following risk factors for osteoporosis: small body frame, low calcium intake, a sedentary lifestyle, or smoking.

If you know you’re done having children, does your provider offer permanent birth control options? You may wish to look for a provider who performs Essure, the only non-surgical permanent birth control available today. Learn more about Essure in this video or on the Essure website.

2. Option to See a Female Provider

There are many factors that go into deciding if an OB/GYN is right for you, from their years of experience to their bedside manner.

For many women, gender is another important factor. If you feel more comfortable with a female provider, don’t ignore your gut. Being comfortable with your provider is essential for getting high quality care.  

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3. Clear Communication About What to Expect

What do you need to bring to your appointment? Depending on the type of visit, the information you’ll need to provide can vary widely.

If you’ve scheduled your first prenatal appointment, congratulations! In addition to gathering information about your general medical history, you’ll also need to provide information on your fertility, any past pregnancies, and your mental health history.

You can also see an OB/GYN for a variety of other reasons, from routine health screenings to contraception, lactation consultations, menopause management, and reproductive system disorders.

Questions about what information you need to provide? Don’t hesitate to reach out to your clinic and ask. Knowing these answers will help you get the care you need when you get to your appointment.

4. Resources Available Between Appointments

When does your provider recommend reaching out with questions? When should you make sure to schedule an appointment? Is someone available to answer questions outside of normal hours?

Finding a women's health center that answers any and all questions between appointments is essential.

5. Option to Switch Providers at Any Point

You need to feel comfortable with your provider. If you don’t, you need to know you can make a change. This is especially important if you’re pregnant and considering your baby’s well-being in addition to your own.

However, switching providers can be a hassle. If you’re looking for a women’s clinic, looking for these 5 key components of quality clinics will decrease the likelihood that you’ll have to switch providers.

What else should you look for beyond this list? Use this handy checklist to evaluate the women’s health center you’re considering.

Find out what factors to consider when choosing your women's health clinic. Download the complete checklist - How to evaluate a women's health clinic

Voyage Healthcare Team

Written by Voyage Healthcare Team

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