9 Tips for Weight Loss: A Guide to Losing Weight Safely

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Take a look at these pro tips to help you healthily lose weight.

Losing weight effectively comes with a lot of mental and physical dedication. While looking for the most suitable weight loss plan, you will likely encounter many ‘fad’ diets and myths. However, you should be meticulous in separating the wheat from the chaff. You should only take expert advice from the right sources to do this. Luckily, you’re at the right spot! 

While dealing with different people, we’ve come across many wacky tips for losing weight - ”Eating breakfast makes you fat,“Skinny means healthy,” and “The only effective way to lose weight is taking weight loss supplements and ditching all carbs.” These are unrealistic plans and must’ve sprung up from people with little or no health experience. 

One thing to have at heart when starting a weight management journey is that everybody has peculiar needs, and you need to find what works best for you. Set a reasonable weight loss goal and go for it! We have compiled some tested and trusted tips that will surely help you burn calories. 

What are the Health Benefits of Weight Loss? 

A Harvard study shows that people with obesity are at a higher risk of experiencing health issues like cancer, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, diabetes, and musculoskeletal disorders. Research also shows that losing as little as 5% of the body weight can activate a cascade of health benefits. This tells us that weight loss generally helps you maintain a healthy quality of life, even benefiting the body and mind. 

Although weight loss and management are not the ultimate answer to every health problem, you should consider adding them to your lifestyle-change routine. Here are some crucial health benefits of weight loss you should know. 

  1. Improves heart health by lowering blood pressure 

Maintaining a healthy body weight will improve the condition of the heart by reducing arterial blood pressure. This means that your heart wouldn’t need to struggle to pump the blood that flows through your body. And this benefit is not solely dependent on the means you’ve lost weight (through diet and exercise or surgery); you will reap the benefit of lower blood pressure regardless. This will prevent some heart disease that could arise from High Blood Pressure (HBP). 

2. Prevents diabetes by regulating blood sugar 

Insulin sensitivity is lesser in people with obesity. Excessive body fat increases the adipose tissues, which hampers the function of insulin in the body, exposing a person to type 2 diabetes. Weight loss will reduce the fatty tissue, allowing the insulin hormone to manage blood sugar effectively. 

3. Improves mobility by alleviating pressure on joints 

Obesity is a prevalent risk factor for joint conditions like Osteoarthritis (OA). These joint conditions can cause limitations in free mobility and cause pain to the affected joints. Meanwhile, a study has shown that weight loss effectively prevents and manages knee OA. 

Therefore, if you’re trying to get adequate relief from joint arthritis, you should consider shedding some pounds. It will help lessen the pressure on the affected joints, reduce inflammation, and prevent the disorder's progression. 

4. Enjoy better sleep 

Sleep apnea is a prevalent sleep disorder among overweight people. It is characterized by repeated disruption of breathing while sleeping. Excess body fat can cause a deposit of fatty tissues around the neck, obstructing your airways. 

Although losing weight doesn't mean you will get a cure for this condition, it only means that losing at least 10% of body weight will enhance the quality of sleep and reduce the severity of the disorder.

5. Experience higher self-esteem 

Without being conscious about it, having confidence in your physical appearance promotes your self-esteem. Although there may be no direct correlation between weight gain and low self-esteem, some studies have shown that weight loss and good body image can promote your self-confidence and mood. 

What are the top 9 tips for weight loss that actually work?

Knowing the benefits of weight loss, we’re sure you’re convinced to stay dedicated to it. Meanwhile, we have gathered some expert tips on weight loss that don’t put you on edge. 

These tips will guide you on losing weight sustainably while focusing on the long-term benefits you will experience. 

  1. Stay hydrated always! 

Research has shown that people who make it a habit to drink two glasses of water before (and even after) every meal tend to lose weight faster than those who don't. This is because thirst is sometimes disguised as hunger which causes you to eat more. But when you drink water, you feel fuller and eat less during meal time. This is a simple trick. 

Also, try to drink as much as 64 ounces of water daily. You could supplement them with food containing water, including tea, fruits, and vegetables. 

2. Practice living by the 80-20 diet rule 

The 80-20 (or weekend) diet rule implies that you eat only healthy meals 80% of the time and then satisfy your cravings with the rest 20%. However, choosing the right meal plan will determine how effective it will be for you. 

The 80% must contain a plate of only healthy meals and snacks. They could be vegetables, healthy fat, whole grains, lean protein, and dairy. Always try to avoid excess sugar and saturated fat in your diet. 

The rest, 20%, allows you to enjoy a weekend without eating too healthily. You can take a break with a glass of wine, your favorite cookies, and ice cream. 

3. Master the art of active living 

Exercise! Exercise! Exercise! Staying active is crucial in losing weight and maintaining a good body image. Besides dieting and intermittent fasting, active living helps you burn off calories effectively. It may seem like a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be. Find a fun outdoor activity you love doing and make it a routine. 

You can also incorporate it into your daily lifestyle like dumping elevators for stairs, walking a while before taking the bus, or taking a jog when you get up in the morning. There are many ways to include physical activity in your daily routine. 

4. Try not to skip breakfast. 

There’s a persuasive myth that skipping breakfast will make you gain weight. It isn't wholly accurate, but there are reasons why experts recommend that you do not skip breakfast. 

Eating breakfast will help you maintain a healthy weight because it could curb your hunger for a longer period and reduce the risk of consuming unnecessary calories throughout the day. Having a healthy breakfast also helps improve your metabolism, prevent diabetes, and improves your memory. 

5. Replace refined carbs with fibers 

One proven way to lose weight faster is to curtail excess consumption of sugar, starch, or carbohydrates. With a low-carb diet plan, you’ll burn stored fat for energy instead, allowing you to shed some weight. 

Rather than eating carbs, add fiber and whole grains to your diet. An adequate fiber diet will help you maintain a balanced sugar level, and you will experience a decrease in your hunger level. Some foods rich in fiber include legumes, vegetables, and fruits. Also, avoid processed foods. 

6. Embrace your protein diet 

If you intend to lose weight healthily, protein should always be essential for your meal plan. It is recommended to help you preserve your muscle mass even as you burn calories. It also suppresses the hunger hormone and boosts certain satiety hormones. Healthy sources of proteins include meat (beef, pork, chicken), seafood, eggs, and plant-based protein. 

7. Eliminate alcohol and other liquid calories from your diet 

Liquid calories like sugar-sweetened soda and alcohol could be eating into your efforts to lose weight. They are empty calories because they only provide energy without nutritional benefits. It would be best to avoid hydrating with them and stick to fruit water or tea. Liquid calories contain excess sugar you wouldn’t need in your diet. 

8. Journal your way through the journey 

Keeping a journal and recording your progress every step of the way is highly recommended. It could help you stay focused and motivated. You can create a section where you register your weekly weight loss progress and another for writing your observations. This also gives you a resource to reflect on when you want to remember what worked for your body. 

9. Stay positive 

It is wise to know that weight loss is a gradual process. It’s normal to feel disappointed after a few weeks, and you notice you’ve made little or no progress. Keep your expectations in mind, and do not give up! Stick to a well-defined plan and be persistent. 


We know it gets a little hard but must remain consistent. If you’ve made progress, continue and maintain it because gaining back weight is way easier than shedding weight. You wouldn't want futile efforts, would you? 

If you need more expert advice, do not hesitate to reach out to us at Voyage Healthcare. We have a team of specialists ready to guide you through this. Have a wonderful experience! 

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Shedding some pounds is never easy! Here are some expert tips for weight loss you might have never heard of. You can go all-in or choose what works best for you! 


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