How to Choose a Walk-in Clinic?

Feb 20, 2019 10:35:36 AM / by Voyage Healthcare Team posted in Family Medicine, Health Tips

A sore throat, minor sprain, or sinus infection can derail your day. When these acute health issues inevitably arise, where can you go to get help right away? When you’re feeling ill or have a minor injury, a walk-in clinic is an ideal solution. Why? Not only do patients receive the care they need quickly—without waiting for an open appointment—but they offer familiarity, convenience, and affordability that isn’t provided at a hospital or emergency room.

When urgent medical situations occur, knowing where to go is key to saving time, money, and ease of mind. Let’s explore how to pick the right walk-in clinic by addressing these 7 questions you may be wondering.


1. What do walk-in clinics treat?

Walk-in clinics treat basic health issues like colds, sinus infections, sore throats, bladder infections, acute illnesses, acute injuries, and more. In our recent blog post “Add Flexibility to Your Day: Walk-ins Now Available”, we’ve outlined what a walk-in clinic is, treatment options, and benefits.

2. Where is the walk-in clinic located?

When a health issue arises, you most likely won’t want to drive far to get help. There are many different walk-in clinics throughout the Twin Cities, including Voyage Healthcare’s 3 metro locations: Osseo, Maple Grove, and Plymouth. That means you’ll be able to find the nearest clinic to you quickly!

3. Does this walk-in clinic accept my insurance?

You’ll want to check with your insurance provider to see if your policy will cover the costs of walk-in clinics. A majority of healthcare plans do offer in-network coverage, but co-pays may be different depending upon location. We suggest looking at our list of insurance carrier and payment options.

4. What kind of providers work at a walk-in clinic?

At a walk-in clinic, you’ll often find a variety of provider types. At Voyage Healthcare, patients are seen by our experienced physicians, physician assistants, or nurse practitioners. We also offer specialty care so you may come in contact with a specialist—someone who has studied a specific subject of medicine.

5. Can I book appointments online for a walk-in?

Walk-in clinics allow for you to be seen by a provider in a shorter amount of time than if you were to go directly to an emergency room for an acute illness or injury. ER's typically triage patients, so if you walk in for an acute injury or illness, you may be waiting for a long time rather than being seen by a provider within 15-30 minutes at a clinic. Because of the shorter wait times, you won’t need to book an appointment online or over the phone for a walk-in at Voyage Healthcare.

6. Will my Primary Care Provider know about my visit?

While most walk-in clinics are not tied directly to a primary care provider, Voyage Healthcare is unique in that our family medicine providers and our walk-in clinic are under the same roof! This makes booking a follow-up appointment to see your provider easy. Plus, all of your medical records are here, so you won’t have to stress about transferring records. Because our system communicates and operates as one unit, you can rest assured that all your health records are with your primary provider.

Receive Faster Care at Voyage Healthcare

In 2020, there will be a shortfall of over 90,000 providers in the United States as predicted by the Association of American Medical Colleges. Walk-in clinics, like the 3 locations that Voyage Healthcare offers, are crucial in alleviating overburdened emergency departments while developing communications and patient-provider relations with your on-site primary care provider.

One of the benefits of choosing a walk-in clinic is convenience. When you need faster care for your busy life, visit our walk-in clinic locations at Maple Grove, Osseo, and Plymouth.

Not sure what to talk to your provider about when it comes to your health? Cut the confusion with our free guide below!

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Voyage Healthcare Team

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