COVID-19 Testing Available Exclusively at our Osseo Office

For COVID-19 Testing Call: 763-587-7999

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the increased demand to screen, treat and test patients for COVID-19, our Osseo office has temporarily been designated an Acute Illness Clinic. All appointments and testing for active COVID-19 will be performed exclusively at this clinic. 

The Osseo Office will no longer see patients for routine illnesses, physical exams and other medical needs. Patients who are not experiencing COVID-19 symptoms will be scheduled at one of our other three offices at this time. This transition is a way to protect and lessen the risk of exposure during routine appointments for patients who are free of COVID-19 symptoms. 

If you are experiencing symptoms such as fever, congestion, cough, headache, runny nose, fatigue, body aches, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, diarrhea and/or vomiting, shortness of breath, and/or believe you have been exposed to Coronavirus…please call 763-587-7999 to discuss next steps.  


Tell Me More About COVID-19 Testing

If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or have been exposed to COVID-19, Voyage Healthcare is here to help you. Visits with a Healthcare Provider are offered in-person at our Acute Illness Clinic at our Osseo location, or via Virtual Voyage Visit from the comfort of your own home. *Virtual Voyage Visits are currently only available during the week.  

Depending on your symptoms and the duration of them, your Healthcare Provider may order one of the following COVID-19 tests:

COVID-19 Antigen Test COVID-19 PCR Test
  • For patients with symptoms that have been present for less than 5 days. 
  • This test is collected via nasal swab.
  • Results usually available within one hour.
  • For patients who are not experiencing symptoms or have had symptoms for longer than 5 days. 
  • This test is collected via nasal swab.
  • Results usually available within 2-4 days.


Safety Protocols



No visitors are allowed in the clinic EXCEPT if a
patient requires assistance or is under 18-years-old.
One visitor is allowed in these circumstances. 


Per CDC Guidelines, we require all patients to wear a face mask. If you do not have a face mask, one will be provided for you to wear. 


Patients scheduled for COVID-19 testing only should park in the lot behind the Osseo office. When you arrive, follow the instructions on the signs prior to entering into the clinic.

Explore Additional COVID-19 Information

The above decisions have been very difficult for Voyage Healthcare to make and were not taken lightly. We continue to remain your trusted healthcare facility and are doing the best we can to minimize impacts to our staff, their families, our communities and most importantly, you, our patients. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this unprecedented time. Let’s all look forward with hope and confidence.

Location Information

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Fax: (763) 420-1901

Appointments: (763) 587-7999
Lines open 7:00 am - 6:00 pm

Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday 8:30 am - 12:00 noon for Acute Illness Clinic appointments

General Information:
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