Now Offering Drive-Up Appointments for Upper Respiratory Infections (URI) at Our Osseo Office

Apr 8, 2020 10:50:03 AM / by Voyage Healthcare Team posted in Voyage Healthcare News


We at Voyage Healthcare know that you are concerned about COVID-19. While we don’t have testing available, due to lack of supplies nationwide, we do want to take care of you, if you have concerns regarding possible upper respiratory infections. Call our Coronavirus Hotline at 763-587-7900 (press 5 when prompted) and one of our nurses or advance practice providers will triage you over the phone.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Coronavirus (COVID-19), Pregnancy, and Breastfeeding

Apr 1, 2020 6:22:20 PM / by Voyage Healthcare Team posted in Voyage Healthcare News


Please note the following recommendations and policy updates.

1. One Visitor per Patient: Effective immediately, for the safety of our patients and staff, NO visitors are allowed in the clinic.


  • ONE visitor is allowed to accompany patient to a 1st trimester dating/viability appointment.
  • ONE visitor is allowed to accompany the patient to an ultrasound appointment for 20-week OB ultrasound appointments.
  • BOTH parents are allowed for newborn appointments.

2. We recommend wearing a mask to your appointment (as well as your accompanying visitor).

3. Starting May 4, 2020, all patients admitted to the hospital or admitted for labor and delivery, will be tested for the rapid COVID-19 virus. The test will provide a result within 2 hours; this testing is to help determine appropriate personal protective equipment for providers while taking care of patients in the hospital. The COVID 19 testing in no way will testing impact a patient’s obstetrical care.

4. You may want to discuss with your employer your options for not working or working exclusively from home during the last 2-3 weeks of your pregnancy. This would be to reduce chances of infection during labor and delivery.

What is COVID-19?

COVID-19 is a new illness that affects the lungs and breathing. It is caused by a new coronavirus. The majority of persons experience mild to moderate symptoms, but 5% may require critical care and admission to a hospital. Symptoms may appear 2 to 14 days after you are exposed to the virus.

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Hard of Hearing? 3 Signs it's Time to Get Your Ears Checked

Mar 18, 2020 8:15:00 AM / by Voyage Healthcare Team posted in Family Medicine, Voyage Healthcare News


Hearing loss is a common complaint among adults. Although you might expect to gradually become hard of hearing with age, you may not expect how much hearing loss can impact your life. You may miss out on parts of conversations and participate less in activities, resulting in a less-active social life. Decreasing interactions with friends, family, and colleagues can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness which can decrease your motivation to complete your regular activities.

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Voyage Healthcare to Sponsor myTalk 107.1's 12th Annual Santa Stop

Nov 25, 2019 8:55:24 AM / by Voyage Healthcare Team posted in Voyage Healthcare News


Voyage Healthcare will, once again, be participating in the myTalk 107.1 Santa Stop Toy Drive for the Ronald McDonald House this year starting on November 25th and running through December 15, 2019. 

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How Voyage Healthcare is Reducing Opioid Usage

Nov 6, 2019 8:06:23 AM / by Leslee J. Jaeger, M.D. posted in Voyage Healthcare News


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